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oh I do like to clean beside the seaside

Posted on 11th August, 2021


Cleaning windows in Bognor Regis Aldwick Bay estate in August by the sea is one of the nicer elements of the job .All the seasons should be celebrated but of course a window cleaners preferable weather is dry and sunny .


Fascia Clean

Posted on 20th April, 2021


The Sun is out in Bognor Regis and one very happy customer with clean fascias . Before and after pics



Skylight Clean

Posted on 17th March, 2021

Spring is in the air on and off for the last few weeks and as always get to clean some interesting old houses around Bognor Regis .Cleaning this skylight fitted amongst this wonderful old thatched roof.


Freezing Icy Cold

Posted on 8th February, 2021

Jack Frost is not playing ball with Window Cleaners today in Bognor Regis as it is absolutely freezing on the glass .

Fingers tingling that you can barely feel .




Icy Cold Window Cleaning Frozen Window Cleaning


Spotless Water so far

Posted on 29th January, 2021

Spotless Water


So after 25 years of cleaning windows the traditional way in sunny Bognor Regis,we have started using Spotless Water and I am astonished with the results .

We still combine traditional window cleaning alongside the new water fed pole system and even using the spotless water with a squeedgee sees an unbelieveable result that can only be described as going from analogue TV to HD.



spotless water Window Cleaning Bognor Regis


The process of obtaining water has been very simple .Using a key fob being able to top up with credit using the spotless water app and the convenience of being able to fill up 24/7 is perfect.



water fed window cleaning Bognor Regis



Spotless Water is also better for the environment as it is free of toxins making it a good all round choice and I would 100 percent recommend Spotless Water to anyone as it is clearly a forward thinking company that provides a great service . 


Hopefully a station will open in Bognor Regis soon.


The Sun is back

Posted on 28th January, 2021

A lovely sunny day today working mainly in Lagness on a mixture of new and older properties . Great day for window cleaning and roll on spring my favourite time of the year ..


Lagness Window Cleaning

Blue Monday and Window Cleaning

Posted on 18th January, 2021

Well today is whats called Blue Monday that is supposedly the saddest day of the year but in comparison to the frozen weather of last week it seemed complete contrast and definately not the saddest day for window cleaners .


January window cleaning

The Squeedgee -Who invented it ?

Posted on 10th January, 2021

The Squeedgee is the small tool that you see window cleaners from all over the world use to take off the soapy water to give that amazing clean finish. How did the squeedgee come about and who invented it? 

The name Squeedgee originally comes from fisherman in the middle ages who invented a kind of liquid scraper to scrape of the gunk and rubbish from the bottom of their boats . There is a reference to a squeedgee in the classic book Moby Dick.


The Squeedgee of today comes from the original concept of  Italian born Ettore Steccone who after serving in the Army in world war 1 decided that maybe window cleaning would be a safer option . Ettore was known for riding an indian motorcycle with a ladder and bucket on board (remember this was a time when health and safety was not a thing)

Ettore enjoyed the freedom and flexibilty that window cleaning gave him but seeked for a way to improve the tools he worked with hence the invention of the Squeedgee.


Imagine Dragons Den in 1920s and you may have seen Ettore Steccone on the show trying to get investment into this simple idea .Ettone tried to get investment from J Racentstein company who were located in New York City and were the biggest suppliers of window cleaning products who rejected the idea .


With many set backs and things not always running smoothly Ettore Steccone soldiered on and fulfilled his dream and became a huge succes with his product that is still used today and we use Ettore Squeedgees in Bognor Regis .


The simplest inventions in life are usually the best and the Ettore Squeedgee is a testament to that.

Light snow in Bognor Regis today

Posted on 29th December, 2020

The weather sorts out the men from the boys when it comes to window cleaning . So many people start a window cleaning business in spring thinking its really nice and then the icy wind freezes your hands and your scrim cloth can resemble a poppodom as it freezes . Roll on spring and counting the days down 

Water fed Pole and Traditional Window Cleaning.

Posted on 26th December, 2020

A Poor Experience of Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning?


When the water pole system first arrived we thought that we would have to upgrade and re establish to this new system .The amount of new customers we get now because they do not like the water fed pole system increases week by week .


The water fed pole system is great if there is an area you cant reach by ladder and there is no denying that in this circumstance it is perfect .


There are pros and cons to both methods of cleaning windows and that is the reason we have decided to use both the water fed pole system as well as cleaning traditional way.


You are the customer and its your choice .