The Squeedgee -Who invented it ?

Posted on 10th January, 2021

The Squeedgee is the small tool that you see window cleaners from all over the world use to take off the soapy water to give that amazing clean finish. How did the squeedgee come about and who invented it? 

The name Squeedgee originally comes from fisherman in the middle ages who invented a kind of liquid scraper to scrape of the gunk and rubbish from the bottom of their boats . There is a reference to a squeedgee in the classic book Moby Dick.


The Squeedgee of today comes from the original concept of  Italian born Ettore Steccone who after serving in the Army in world war 1 decided that maybe window cleaning would be a safer option . Ettore was known for riding an indian motorcycle with a ladder and bucket on board (remember this was a time when health and safety was not a thing)

Ettore enjoyed the freedom and flexibilty that window cleaning gave him but seeked for a way to improve the tools he worked with hence the invention of the Squeedgee.


Imagine Dragons Den in 1920s and you may have seen Ettore Steccone on the show trying to get investment into this simple idea .Ettone tried to get investment from J Racentstein company who were located in New York City and were the biggest suppliers of window cleaning products who rejected the idea .


With many set backs and things not always running smoothly Ettore Steccone soldiered on and fulfilled his dream and became a huge succes with his product that is still used today and we use Ettore Squeedgees in Bognor Regis .


The simplest inventions in life are usually the best and the Ettore Squeedgee is a testament to that.

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