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We are a local Bognor Regis window cleaning company who only use traditional sqeedgee methods due to an increasing demand for this method .

The innovation of what is called the pole system is great for areas that are difficult to access with a ladder but we have decided not to use as 95 percent of all our new customers are people that have tried the pole and switched back with preference to squeedgee traditional doing a better job. 



No obligation quote - 07811 912714


We can do monthly cleans or 8 weeks according to what you want and we can even clean as and when you want but we recommend monthly.


Theres a few window cleaners who clean in the rain and that is definately something we try to avoid but with the english weather we can not predict what can happen.






 We have loyal customers from Bognor Regis who have used us for many years and have recommended us over the years .Window Cleaning is a very personal thing to have someone come to your house and trust and a good rappore is very important and we establish good rappore and business with our customers over the years.





"Absolutely Brilliant service" Mr Johnson Bognor Regis


"Very good reliable service" Mark Orfila Bognor Regis


"I have been using Bognor Window cleaner for years and always been very happy" Ken Bognor Regis


"Very good and a very good job and I would never have the pole system again"Mr Smith Bognor Regis






"The Traditional way of cleaning is so much better than the water pole system and I am so glad I switched back"

Mr Johnson -Bognor Regis

"Very satisfied and windows look perfect"

Mr Collins -Aldwick Felds, Bognor Regis 



For the best Window clean in Bognor Regis and Felpham Aldwick, Pagham, Rose Green -please give us a call for no obligation quote today 


Bognor Regis Window Cleaner for the best Clean 


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